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My mobility scooter and me.

The sun is finally out and I can feel spring in my step. As it warms up, so I get the cover off my mobility scooter and start planning more. Which brings up the charging of my scooter. Now the manufacturer of my Quingo scooter insists that you need to charge you batteries within the scooter for 12 hours, BUT when you attach the charger it shows amber, then within 4 hours it moves on to a flashing amber and green for a good half hour then by around 4 and a half hours it goes into its steady green and does nothing more. That’s around 7 and a half hours still to charge according to the manufacturer who I still believe – but what does a Quingo battery charger do for those 7 and a half hours. If it was trickle charging what is the lighting instruction that it is done. A steady green light on any other battery charger is an instruction to the user that all is good and done. Can someone with an understanding of electronics explain this to me – cause I’m confused, which I am not with the other rechargeable devices in my house.


The World’s Top 10 Best Images of Animals in Sinks

O this takes me back to the eighties when my life partner Charles was still alive and we were living in Forest Gate, East London. We used to have two Great Danes a mother and daughter, and for their size they were definitely the smartest and daftest dogs I have ever known. This picture has made me laugh because it has brought back memories that I had lost because of the AIDS Dementia, Thank you very much too whoever posted it for allowing my memory recover these memories. Thank You.

Back and ready to post

I have been unable to post for a while now, but am now back and ready to finally get going with my blog, so please stay tuned in….

The Bedroom Tax loophole

If your gonna be affected by this new attack on your housing, because you live in a two bed roomed flat (like I used to) because of your health, have click on this blog The Bedroom Tax loophole. You may find it quite useful. And to those that don’t know, people with AIDS where housed into a two-bedroomed flat so a carer could stay over when required. And this may still be the case depending on the effect the virus has had on your body. And if you are in a two bedroomed flat you are not a priority to be moved into a one bed roomed flat JUST because you can not afford to pay the rent, and there are not the one bedroomed flats available to move everyone into one how needs it.

An Apple A Day….

Well having got the news last week that the DSS had reaccepted me as Disabled and reinstated my DLA my compulsory saving scheme came to an end. Having done my sums I found I could use the back payments to purchase a new iMac (my current computer being nearly seven) and retire the older one to my bedroom to watch online TV through. So my new iMac was set up on Friday night when the phone goes and Three, my mobile phone provider are calling me telling me it’s time to upgrade my phone. Now three years ago I didn’t think I would be able to get a new phone on contract, so got myself a cheap pay as you go, and got on with it.
Two years ago, Three phoned me on my pay as you go, and offered me a deal. I would get a returned phone.
A Sony Ericsson Xperia that didn’t look like it had been used let alone even taken out the box, a contracted Air Time bundle became mine all I had to do was make sure they were paid every month without fail, and this time around I was offered a new phone of my choice. I chose an Apple iPhone 4S, because it is virtually identical to the iPhone 5 in everything but the screen size. And it fits into my budget. There is only £4 a month difference, but I couldn’t see the point of a bigger screen as the 4S has a bigger screen than my old Xperia 8.
So with my original iPad, my iPad Mini, my range of iPods going through the ages, my Apple TV, a new iMac along with its elder sister and today my new iPhone I have become a bit of an Apple iGeek…

What the hell….

Well what a turn up, at 11:30am (5/4/13) this morning I heard my post arriving, and with some trepidation I noticed one of the letters was from the DSS.
News about my appeal regarding the DSS’s decision to stop my DLA I thought. So expecting them to uphold their first decision to withdraw my benefit as they had done in December last year, and from reading as much as I could about the appeal process, I opened the letter expecting them to uphold their first decision.
To my surprise they had found in my favour and reinstated my benefit in full. What the bloody hell is going on. After sending out the ATOS accessor out to me, the fee he was paid for carrying out the medical assessment, the bonus he was paid by the DSS for recommending to them that I was not disabled and their fore not entitled to DLA. The sheer cost of all the administration that has gone on in the first stage of the appeal, how is this saving the DSS (and their fore the government) any money. It has cost them money to stop my benefit, which they now have to back date from the date in was stopped. Not to mention the loss Motorbility has suffered by having to take back my mobility scooter and then sell it at a loss, I know this because they where number three on my list of people to call, thinking that I would be able to get the scooter back as it was only three months old if that. But no they have had to sell it, unsure if I would get my money back, so I have to start again and get a new scooter.
Now let’s just think about the first stage of the appeals process. All I had to do was write back to them, tell them what I thought of their decision and get them to look at the information they had on record. Nothing new was presented to them, and don’t get me wrong,I thought they would look again and hopefully award the DLA at a lower rate and then I would appeal in front of a tribunal if I disagreed with their decision. Or they would write back and say, get lost, we made the right decision in the first place, and the again I would have gone to a tribunal. But to have totally reversed their first decision came as a shock. A very pleasant shock, but a shock none the less.
I keep thinking about the cost and waste of money of it all. Not only the additional cost to them, but also the cost to the Terrance Higgins Trust, who have supported me in my appeal. And the additional costs to all the other government organisations who have supported me by writing letters of support, and the same to the numerous other people who have written me supporting letters. It just seems to me to be a waste of money, because a so called Doctor came from ATOS and fancied a bonus from the DSS by recommending they stop my benefit. And will he have to pay anything back, will he hell. So what the hell is going on…

Feeling tired, being lazy and hungry…

I am sorry I didn’t post on Wednesday, but I felt so tired after my appointment at the clinic with my Psychologist that I went straight to bed when I got back from the hospital. Don’t know why, probably the virus having an outing in my body. Who knows, I just was so tired, bed called and won. Yesterday I didn’t feel so hot either, I took the lazy option and didn’t pick up the iPad all day. I could have won the lottery (but didn’t) I didn’t even care about checking.
Today (Friday) I am feeling brighter and more awake, I know I have to get myself together for a food delivery this afternoon, I feel up to planning (and cooking) dinner, it will take me two to three hours, compared to 40 to 50 minutes as it did in the past, but at least I am now eating freshly each day. Which is important, because it is cheaper than buying ready made meals. Yes I could buy value food at a knock down price, but I am convinced that we are what we eat. So to feel good you have to eat well. I am salivating already, and there are eight hours to go before dinner time…