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Feeling tired, being lazy and hungry…

March 1, 2013

I am sorry I didn’t post on Wednesday, but I felt so tired after my appointment at the clinic with my Psychologist that I went straight to bed when I got back from the hospital. Don’t know why, probably the virus having an outing in my body. Who knows, I just was so tired, bed called and won. Yesterday I didn’t feel so hot either, I took the lazy option and didn’t pick up the iPad all day. I could have won the lottery (but didn’t) I didn’t even care about checking.
Today (Friday) I am feeling brighter and more awake, I know I have to get myself together for a food delivery this afternoon, I feel up to planning (and cooking) dinner, it will take me two to three hours, compared to 40 to 50 minutes as it did in the past, but at least I am now eating freshly each day. Which is important, because it is cheaper than buying ready made meals. Yes I could buy value food at a knock down price, but I am convinced that we are what we eat. So to feel good you have to eat well. I am salivating already, and there are eight hours to go before dinner time…

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