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What the hell….

March 5, 2013

Well what a turn up, at 11:30am (5/4/13) this morning I heard my post arriving, and with some trepidation I noticed one of the letters was from the DSS.
News about my appeal regarding the DSS’s decision to stop my DLA I thought. So expecting them to uphold their first decision to withdraw my benefit as they had done in December last year, and from reading as much as I could about the appeal process, I opened the letter expecting them to uphold their first decision.
To my surprise they had found in my favour and reinstated my benefit in full. What the bloody hell is going on. After sending out the ATOS accessor out to me, the fee he was paid for carrying out the medical assessment, the bonus he was paid by the DSS for recommending to them that I was not disabled and their fore not entitled to DLA. The sheer cost of all the administration that has gone on in the first stage of the appeal, how is this saving the DSS (and their fore the government) any money. It has cost them money to stop my benefit, which they now have to back date from the date in was stopped. Not to mention the loss Motorbility has suffered by having to take back my mobility scooter and then sell it at a loss, I know this because they where number three on my list of people to call, thinking that I would be able to get the scooter back as it was only three months old if that. But no they have had to sell it, unsure if I would get my money back, so I have to start again and get a new scooter.
Now let’s just think about the first stage of the appeals process. All I had to do was write back to them, tell them what I thought of their decision and get them to look at the information they had on record. Nothing new was presented to them, and don’t get me wrong,I thought they would look again and hopefully award the DLA at a lower rate and then I would appeal in front of a tribunal if I disagreed with their decision. Or they would write back and say, get lost, we made the right decision in the first place, and the again I would have gone to a tribunal. But to have totally reversed their first decision came as a shock. A very pleasant shock, but a shock none the less.
I keep thinking about the cost and waste of money of it all. Not only the additional cost to them, but also the cost to the Terrance Higgins Trust, who have supported me in my appeal. And the additional costs to all the other government organisations who have supported me by writing letters of support, and the same to the numerous other people who have written me supporting letters. It just seems to me to be a waste of money, because a so called Doctor came from ATOS and fancied a bonus from the DSS by recommending they stop my benefit. And will he have to pay anything back, will he hell. So what the hell is going on…

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