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An Apple A Day….

March 12, 2013

Well having got the news last week that the DSS had reaccepted me as Disabled and reinstated my DLA my compulsory saving scheme came to an end. Having done my sums I found I could use the back payments to purchase a new iMac (my current computer being nearly seven) and retire the older one to my bedroom to watch online TV through. So my new iMac was set up on Friday night when the phone goes and Three, my mobile phone provider are calling me telling me it’s time to upgrade my phone. Now three years ago I didn’t think I would be able to get a new phone on contract, so got myself a cheap pay as you go, and got on with it.
Two years ago, Three phoned me on my pay as you go, and offered me a deal. I would get a returned phone.
A Sony Ericsson Xperia that didn’t look like it had been used let alone even taken out the box, a contracted Air Time bundle became mine all I had to do was make sure they were paid every month without fail, and this time around I was offered a new phone of my choice. I chose an Apple iPhone 4S, because it is virtually identical to the iPhone 5 in everything but the screen size. And it fits into my budget. There is only £4 a month difference, but I couldn’t see the point of a bigger screen as the 4S has a bigger screen than my old Xperia 8.
So with my original iPad, my iPad Mini, my range of iPods going through the ages, my Apple TV, a new iMac along with its elder sister and today my new iPhone I have become a bit of an Apple iGeek…

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