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My mobility scooter and me.

March 19, 2014

The sun is finally out and I can feel spring in my step. As it warms up, so I get the cover off my mobility scooter and start planning more. Which brings up the charging of my scooter. Now the manufacturer of my Quingo scooter insists that you need to charge you batteries within the scooter for 12 hours, BUT when you attach the charger it shows amber, then within 4 hours it moves on to a flashing amber and green for a good half hour then by around 4 and a half hours it goes into its steady green and does nothing more. That’s around 7 and a half hours still to charge according to the manufacturer who I still believe – but what does a Quingo battery charger do for those 7 and a half hours. If it was trickle charging what is the lighting instruction that it is done. A steady green light on any other battery charger is an instruction to the user that all is good and done. Can someone with an understanding of electronics explain this to me – cause I’m confused, which I am not with the other rechargeable devices in my house.


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