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In and Out

Been to the Hospital today, to visit the Pain Clinic, the people who take an overview of my medication to manage the pain from my Peripheral neuropathy. The ambulance turned up at 9:35 for an 11 o clock appointment, I was at the hospital for 10, had a coffee in the restaurant, which was so bad it went straight in the bin. Up to the pain clinic and wait. Then at 11:20 I was called in by a doctor who decided without discussing anything with me to put me on an other drug, I was out 6 minutes later, and was home by midday.
So nearly three hours of my life for a six minute consultation in which nothing was asked or attempted to be discovered about me, but I get a standard addition to my tablet regime, to help me combat the pain from the Peripheral neuropathy. God knows the cost of this mornings outing, but to me it could have been saved with my regular doctor prescribing the tablet in the first place.
No wonder the NHS is always short of money.


Another week begins.

Another week begins and I am wondering what the hell to do, as usual. The change this week is as I have a number of Hospital appointments, I will post about these. I didn’t post much (if at all) last week. This is the problem with having AIDS dementia, you can make all the plans you want, but unless you get your prompts and reminders right everything goes to pot.
So I have set alarms to post and placed reminders around my flat, so fingers crossed, I will post this week. Here’s hoping.

Wondering what the hell to say…..

Well, I am not lost for words, despite the AIDS dementia. It has always been the case.

While in the depths of AIDS dementia, it’s true, I had lost my conversational skills. I still find it hard to hold one. When meeting with my psychologist every two or three weeks, I find it hard work, as I have to start thinking about what I want to discuss the day before and make lists. Maybe that’s not unusual, but for me (from what I remember) it is. I recall being able to talk the hind legs off a donkey. After all I was a Labour Councillor for four years. Now not so much, as I have to take my time and plan what I want to say.

Writing is easier, because I can take my time over it. There are no deadlines, as there used to be when I was editor of Positive Nation. I have all the time in the world to work on my postings to the blog. I can read and reread my postings and because there are no deadlines it doesn’t matter if it takes me one or two hours to write something. And because of modern tricks like spell and grammar checkers, I can type away and review the red lines later. It is proving to be a wonderful medium for me.

So just bear in mind as you read this, it may be short but has taken me hours….wordle-1024x636

The chance of dying from HIV infection continue to fall, but people keep getting infected.

Red_Ribbon_1183x21261The news is in ( HIV continues to fail in its ability to kill you now, so long as you know you have got it and your taking (and complying with taking) your Combination Therapy. So even if your diagnosed HIV positive today, so long as you take the tablets as prescribed, you should live a relatively healthy life. That’s quite some thing, when the first case was discovered around thirty years ago.
Think back to the eighties (if you can) and when AIDS was first discovered (AIDS is the condition that HIV can lead to) who would have thought that within 30’ish years treatments (and I mean many) would be available that keep the virus under control. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it is all over. That HIV is no longer a threat. I am talking about Treatment not a CURE. HIV is still a threat. The virus is known to become drug resistant in some people.
And if those people are irresponsible (which some are) and go out and have unsafe sex with others, then that person not only becomes HIV positive, but also has a virus that is resistant to some (if not all) of the tablets available to treat it. So your back in the eighties, with limited or no drug treatments available what can you do but await an AIDS diagnosis and death…
I am sorry if you think that is harsh or unfair, but I was in London on the gay scene in the early eighties and watched as at first some of my friends became ill and we didn’t know why. Later AIDS was identified, but we didn’t know how it was caused. There were lots of ideas, some quite mad, others offensive. Then in 1983 two separate discoveries were made, LAV & HTLV III were identified and later when it was discovered they were the same virus they were both renamed HIV. So a cause for AIDS was identified and the search was on for treatments and a cure.
BUT the best treatment is to make sure people don’t become infected. And so the education of the sections of society on how to protect themselves began.

Now I can not speak for other groups, and I couldn’t claim to speak for the gay community. I can however speak for myself and too everyone. LEARN HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF. It’s quite easy really, YOU are RESPONSIBLE for YOURSELF. So if you are going to have sex, practice safe sex, if your going to inject drugs, don’t share needles. And if you are going to give first aid, wear gloves and follow advice for mouth to mouth.

IT IS UP TO YOU, LIVE LIFE, LOVE, JUST TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Then you won’t need to take combination therapy. And you should be ok.

Rising and Reclining

My second hand arm chair has arrived, this is the riser / recliner that I got from the British Heart Foundation on Tuesday. It looks good, and is in position, but I was alarmed that when I pushed the buttons, I could hear motors whirling, but nothing was happening. So I pushed another button, exactly the same, so I was starting to get concerned, had I brought a lemon, had it stopped working since I saw it in the charity shop. What is the protocol for returning something to a charity shop. Is it the done thing, all these thoughts were going though my mind. Then I noticed a plug on the floor, and suddenly realised I hadn’t plugged it in, and the noises I was hearing were the motors whirling from the residual energy left in the transformer. Plug in, socket worked, recliner finally rising.

Oh and my arm and knee are getting better. I am writing with my right arm on my iPad mini with no pain, so no worries….

Falling to get ready

I am going to have to cut my post down today as I had a fall when getting ready for my hospital appointment the morning and have injured my right knee and shoulder so being right handed am having to type my post with my left hand and it is very slow. So normal posting will resume when I have use of both arms.

Rising to the challenge…

Been out shopping, great to be taken out. A friend came over in his car, so I was able to stow my walker in the back, and off we went into town to look for a new arm chair for me. Found one, a riser, recliner which will be of a great use to me. I just need to get the lounge ready and hoovered before Friday when it is delivered. So I have two and a half days, which should be enough to run the Hoover round and move the old armchair out of the way! Hopefully I will be able to do it in time, only a hospital appointment and a testosterone injection to do, so I should be fine.